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meet with leaders tomorrow as the clock ticks towards the fiscal cliff. the president returned to washington, d.c. this morning. he was called to pass a scaled back agreement to keep taxes from going up. the senate went back into session today. leaders accused each other of standing in the way of a deal. >> you can't legislate with yourself. we have nobody to work with. compromise. >> republicans aren't about to write a blank check just because we find ourselves at the edge of the cliff. >> the house will convene on sunday. republicans already refused to take a vote on speaker of the house john speaker of the house john boehner's plan. with no deal in the works you are likely to see a smaller pay
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check. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar joins us to detail what it will cost taxpayers. >> reporter: indeed, more than a cliff for some. >> reporter: for more and more americans, the fiscal cliff is being viewed as a failure of government. >> they are on vacation, doing whatever they are doing. they don't care. >> i just don't think they will ever come to an agreement. both parties are so far apart that there is no common ground. >> reporter: if you make between 50-60,000 deal, taxes go up $92 per bye-weekly pay check. most employers will wait for the irs and will continue to deduct at the current rate.
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>> supposed to be pub luck servants and we can't get a compromise going. what is the right term? >> a lot of times it seems you are not being represented. you have interests over riding the people's concerns. that is an example of what happens in congress. >> the lowest income folks' check will shrink by 3%. top earners 6%. that says nothing of loss deductions or other unknowns. >> political parties need to stop looking at their platforms and look at what is best for americas. >> reporter: coming at 6:00 p.m., the anger factor. consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. on wall street today stocks fell for a fourth straight day. the dow is down 18 to 13,096. the nasdaq is down 4 at 2,985.
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the s&p is down 1 at 1,418. there is good news, americans are buying new homes at their fastest pace in 2 years. sales rose 4.4% last month. that is the strongest since april of 2010. with the rising sales the supply is low. just 149,000 new homes were on the market. that is higher than the record low in august. police shot and killed a man they called an armed suspect. officers responded to an apartment complex this morning. ktvu's ann rubin spoke with police and someone who knew the man killed and has more information. >> reporter: investigators wrapped up here a short time ago. they say it could take several days before they release details about how the shooting happened. >> reporter: residents awoke to
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a terrifying scene. >> i heard that sound like 8-10 shots. quite a bit. >> i saw about 6-10 officers all busing in the apartment -- busting in the apartments with gunfire and screaming. >> reporter: 3:15 a.m., police say they were responding to a panicked 911 call. when they arrived they were met by an armed man. they feared for their safety and fired their weapons. the man died at the scene. >> the residents of the apartment complex have no reason to feel unsafe. >> reporter: police haven't identified the man or explained his relationship to the 911 caller but friends say he was a hair dresser. he was hard working, kind and known to meditate. they are shocked. so too are neighbors. >> we are human beings we have to think first before we act
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because the consequence is this. >> anywhere. can happen anywhere. you never know who lives closest to you. it is scary. >> reporter: the officers involved are on administrative leave. ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. a new report finds the number of u.s. law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty dropped. 127 officers were killed this year. down 23% from 2011. in california 2 officers died this year compared to 10 last year, which is an 80% drop. he was shot during a traffic stop in september and he was gunned down in april. police released the identity of a man killed in a
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shooting last week. he was gunned friday night on 65th street. investigators are not releasing any information about suspects or a motive. it was the second homicide in emeryville this year. san francisco police are searching for a teenager who escaped. a transport service was bringing the 16-year-old by the -- boy to the center. the teen somehow managed to escape. the driver tried to chase the teen but lost track of him. officers say the boy from extradited from southern california. he was black, and was last seen wearing a glittery black tank top and dark acid-wash jeans. a lawsuit has been filed in the case of misconduct by san francisco police officers. he filed the lawsuit on behalf of three people who say they
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were wrongfully arrested last year. they said the police officers said they had permission to conduct drug searches. the city hasn't responded. pg&e was fixing a gas leak that forced evacuation of part of a neighborhood. three homes were evacuated after the leak that was detected last night. a crew determined the leak was from a broken gas main. the situation caused tense moments for neighbors. >> first thing that came in my mind was the san bruno thing and stuff. but there was only three houses that were evacuated. i knew it wasn't that bad. >> pg&e ran a tube to keep gas
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service available to other homes. the national weather service confirmed a tornado struck in watsonville saturday morning. it rolled in at 7:00 a.m. and caused damage to several greenhouses at a commercial farm. a picture taken by national weather service investigator of one of those collapsed greenhouses. the national weather service says the tornado path extended for a mile. tow truck triggered a crash today. news chopper 2 shot pictures here on interstate 880. the tow truck lost control about 10:30 a.m. this morning hitting two other cars and crashing into the guard rail. traffic was heavy while crews careered the highway. no injuries were reported. police are asking for your help to find a missing woman. she was last seen december 20. her 2001 white dodge neon
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compact, ca license #4sms214 is also missing. she had a hand gun when she left her home. anyone who sees her is asked to call police. ski resorts are seeing big crowds on this holiday week. the recent stormy weather left a lot of fresh snow on the slopes. >> reporter: the roads, this is the easiest day on the roads to get to the ski resorts. you can see the full moon rising over interstate 80. you can see a lot of cars on the road but they are all moving and that was a good thing for people trying to get up to the snow and made for a busy day on the runs. >> reporter: thousands of skiers headed to the hills. he came from minnesota. the snow fall after this latest round of storms is well above average.
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throw in the clear roads and operators were pushed into high drive. >> when there is no chain controls and a holiday, we are in for people. >> the parking lot rarely is this place this packed on a thursday afternoon. even during the storms while the snow was coming down this week, skiers were coming out in droves. >> it wasn't that bad. i thought it was nice. it was much less crowded. >> reporter: congestion on the hills. >> couldn't get more crowded. >> reporter: it didn't stop them from slicing in to the powder. >> worth it. worth it. >> reporter: and a beautiful day is turning into a beautiful night. shot of the full moon out here. 11 feet of new snow this past december. that ties their all time record
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for december of new snow. so a lot of fresh powder out here. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. the san jose state spartans show case their football talents today and we will show you a dedicated home town crowd. >> back here in 10 minutes, showers back in your bay area forecast towards the weekend. i will break that down for you.
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the san jose state partens football team -- spartans wrapped up one of their most successful seasons. ktvu's rob recall h is live -- robert handa is live where fans are cheering. >> reporter: cheering with san jose state capping off a
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successful season in terms of spreading spartan pride. >> reporter: san jose state football fans show up often downtown, especially -- but today in the military bowl it was harder to find a seat. >> i love it. i mean, we had a great year. >> reporter: this year's grads watched the team go from 1-12 to this year's success and then saw the head coach take a job with colorado before today's game. >> i am so proud of them. how far they have come. they believe it themselves first and now they turned everyone else into believers. >> there were no believers as the game went on. >> inside the 10 -- [ cheers and applause ] >> i think san jose state is a
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sleeping giant in terms of the sports program here. >> reporter: it came down to the last few minutes. san jose state came out the winner. >> game was amazing. >> i am thrilled to be a spartan. to be going to san jose state. our school is coming together. >> reporter: well before anyone gets carried away -- well, too late. they have many challenges, a new coach, new conference, but now they will go forward as champions. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. another big bowl game in california triggered a wager. the cardinals and badgers will face-off in the rose bowl january 1. so the mayors have agreed to a bet. the losing mayor will wear the opposing's team hat during a
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counsel meeting. four national retailers are issuing a recall of baby recliners. the u.s. consumer product safety commision say the nap nanny recliners are linked to five deaths. the children were injured after falling over., buy-buy baby and toys r us agreed to participate in the recall. it covers nap nanny generations one and two and also the chill model of infant recliners. all were sold between 2009 and 2012 and you can find a list of any item being recalled on click on the link hot topics. five months after a woman died in a party bus the california highway patrol completed their investigation. she was earning from a conert when she and another woman -- concert when she and another
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woman got into a fight. she fell out and was killed. no details have been released but the chp says those involved were not cooperative. >> i am certain the report we have over to the da has question to be answered. >> there is no word on when they will decide to file charges. coming up, how a new law taking effect will crack down on party bus drinking. three people face charges after a brawl caused panic yesterday at a shopping mall. [ screams ] >> police say this began with a fight in the food court. 20 people were involved. it led to a large sign to call down. >> something similar to gun shots.
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we don't know if there were gun shots but it sounded like shots. >> terrifying. >> the mall was locked down for an hour till police could control the situation. police arrested a 19-year-old, an 18-year-old, and a 15-year- old boy. they all face charges for fighting in a public place. berkeley's downtown area could be getting a make over with a high rise. a group submitted an application for a plan that calls for a 17 story apartment complex. the 180-foot tall high rise would include a conference center and four levels of underground parking and 12,000 square feet of retail space. it is expected to face opposition. the developer wants to tear down the back of the cinemas to
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build the complex. a kitten that was injured in a wildfire is getting lessons on how to return to the wild. she was a few weeks old when they found her at a forest fire with injuries. she healed but became too friendly with people. so they moved it into a pen with two other bobcats. now officials say all three cats are wild up and ready to be released. we saw beautiful pictures of the moon out there. means clear skies which, bill, that means cold nights. >> definitely cold tonight and more fog tonight and frost. a nice day tomorrow. it does cloud up. that system is coming through tonight but it has a unique motion to it. there is the system. you see it here. the motion is something like this. coming to the coast and then works it way down the coast.
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these things will go right through, right? by 10:00 p.m. tonight we will see rain but the motion is more like this, down the coast. it will spin showers up in our area tomorrow afternoon late. it is spinning up surf. long the coast right now, swells jack up on saturday in the morning and they will get big. saturday and sunday large surf. high suffer advisory. this is -- surf advisory. this is what you would expect. not unusual to get 15-16-foot surf. temperatures are cool. 49 in napa. that is cool. 46 in novato. despite the sunshine. 50 in conquered. into the winter norths we will see the over night lows into the 30s. shouldn't see too much freezing
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tonight because high clouds. tomorrow morning, dense fog in the forecast. central valley as well. patches of it again tomorrow morning. friday one of those weekends, right? new year's eve deal, a lot of folks will be moving around tomorrow. so this fog plays into the forecast. think about it if you are heading out. if you got to the mountains, great, yesterday's travel was nasty. ken pritchett showed us how long it took to get up there yesterday. it was a mess. saturday, a chance for snow flurries late in the day. shouldn't be a big deal. nice couple days -- nice couple days. be prepared for icy conditions. bay area forecast calls for the fog tonight. it will be extensive. especially in the central valley. everybody is driving around, this is the stuff, especially
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on the 99, 505. nasty. when i come back the showers for tomorrow. i will see you back here. >> thank you. coming up, what the pentagon is revealing about the number of sexual assaults involving military members. and an arrest and a horrific crime, what a man is accused of doing to a woman sleeping on a bench.
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look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download.
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i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. a spike in rapes, the military is prompting new
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action in washington. the pentagon gave leaders four months to come up with a plan to stop sexual assaults. >> reporter: some of the victims stepped forward. she said she was attacked after joining the army at 17. >> i was raped by another service member who outranked me and had been on the base for three years. >> reporter: she told about her attack by a service man. >> he still comes after me in my dreams. >> reporter: two reports reveals the problem. one shows the number of assaults topped 3200 last year. and a second shows on site at the academy it jumped 23%. the pentagon released a stack of reports of the sexual assaults and some are too grasping to read on camera. -- graphic to read on camera. she was naked in bed with the
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attacker unclothed besides her. another said she woke to another service member touching her. he said the military needs real accountability and real action to solve this problem and he said the increase is a sign victims are more confident to tell authorities about the attacks. she said that is not enough progress. ktvu channel 2 news. there is new talk of a peace initiative to try to end the violence in serious. that violence continued today with bombings. he wants to revive a peace plan. it calls for a cease fire to be enforced and a transitional government with elections and a
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new constitution. los angeles police arrested a man accused of setting a woman on fire as she slept on a bus bench. witnesses said at 1:00 a.m. a man poured an accelerant on the woman and then struck a match and set her on fire. the man ran away but officers caught him. theume is in -- the woman is in critical condition. i don't see anything but a bunch of glass. people's windows bust out. >> a crime hot spot, a problem that spiked in one bay area shopping center. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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on any new volkswagen.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> burglars break into your car, even if you are gone for a couple of minutes. now police are warning you to be careful in one shopping area but that has some owners upset saying it is driving away customers. ktvu's lorraine blanco has more. >> reporter: we have been hearing about break ins around this area but we didn't expect one to happen while we were shooting. you can see the left over broken glass here. police say this is a hot spot for theft. >> the window was broken. laptop is gone. pg&e property, they can't get in it. >> reporter: police installed a
5:31 pm
digit sign warning people this is a high break in area. but these pg&e employees didn't expect thieves to strike during their lunch break. >> people are constantly coming in. it will be hard for nobody to notice. >> morning, night. doesn't matter. i walk through, you know, and glass busted all on the ground. >> reporter: it was evidence to -- it was easy to find evidence of previous car break ins. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> yep. >> reporter: police tell us they saw an increase during the summer. >> well traveled area. 880s runs through -- 880 runs through oakland, holiday travelers. >> reporter: neighbors are not surprised that it keeps happening. >> hard for them to make them
5:32 pm
understand that, you know, you don't do something that is wrong, this is not the way to get what you need but there is a lot of people that is starving. >> reporter: the signs will stay up through january 1. police remind people to keep valuables out of site and take them out of your car when possible. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. coming up at 6:00 p.m., this afternoon oakland unveiled a new plan to fight crime. a former chef has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for sexual assaults. he pleaded no contest to the charges. the attacks took place in 2008 and 2009. prosecutors say he would drive up behind women, flash his beams and molest them when they pulled over. today we learned the name of a worker who died while
5:33 pm
working on a home in san francisco. a official said he died after falling near an unfinished stair well yesterday morning. cal-osha is investigating. antioch has enough money to rebuild a playground destroyed by arson. they are donating thousands of dollars to start construction to fix the playground at city park. in september someone set it on fire causing $250,000 damage. insurance didn't cover everything so the group started raising the money to rebuild the playground. >> to see that burnt down is sad. we did it. and i am ready to move forward. great. >> they hope it will be back open by next spring.
5:34 pm
only on 2, a tool new to the bay area, used in the search for a missing man. ktvu's debora villalon is live with the strange way the victim drowned. >> reporter: he got pulled over for dui1:00 a.m. monday and he bolted from the cops, down the street. but he chose a deadly escape route. >> reporter: balloons mark the spot where a 23-year-old man flung himself over the rail and into the water. running from police who were testing him for dui. >> i think it was a moment's poor decision. >> reporter: he says as the man was swept away officers ran along side the creek. but he looked exhausted and disappeared. >> we contacted family and they were distraught. they were convinced that had he made it out of the water he
5:35 pm
would have contacted them. >> reporter: the creek widens as it flows to the mouth of the bay. an under water robot is tethered to a boat and a operator watches the images on screen. >> the difference between the televisions and the digital tvs. >> reporter: providing a sharp picture. if the sub spots something divers can check it out more closely. >> one extreme example of how the tool can be used. you will see it used for law enforcement where it gives us a pair of eyes under water. >> i am saddened. >> reporter: seeing the search long this trail many people are surprised it all began with a
5:36 pm
traffic stop. the victim's family is also here. declining interviews but the messages they left on the water express grief for a young man named sammy. deputies are going door to door at homes long the water and asking to check the backyard docks but today was the last day for the water search with no results. debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. we have details on just how much apple's ceo gets paid. he earned $4.2 million. that includes a $2.8 million bonus. 378million last year. the board set him up with stock worth $510 million. apple may be in the process of developing a new wearable
5:37 pm
computing device, smart watch. in addition to telling time it could act as a second display for a connected cell phone. it will allow users to glance at their wrist for text alerts. marking a milestone, the light rail system turns 25 but there is a statistic now about its efficiency. >> a view of the spectacular show in the south bay and how organizers pull it off.
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amazon-dot-com, buy-buy baby and toys r us are recalling 150
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. the light rail system is among the least efficient in the u.s. taxpayers subsidized 85%. and it cost a third more to operate than average and carries 30% fewer riders. the new brian smith tunnel project -- the new devil's slide funnel project -- tunnel project will miss its deadline. this is the third delay for the $350 million project. more and more readers are
5:41 pm
choosing to go digital. this year 23% of americans, 16 years and older read an ebook. those owning a tablet jumped to 33%. that was 18% last year. dreamworks "how to train your dragon" arrived in the south bay and it is a visual treat. >> the show opened yesterday in san jose with the special effects that bring 13 giant dragons to life. each dragon is operated by a live puppeteer. they say it is an overwhelming experience. >> each dragon has their own personality. some blow smoke rings, fire. an incredible experience. and unique thing that hasn't
5:42 pm
been seen before. >> the tour's run in san jose continues through sunday. hundreds of kids bouncing off the walls inside a church. what all of this is all about. >> back here in a few minutes, showers in the forecast, fog, when the showers get here, how long they last and will they impact your holiday weekend.
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despite violence at sandy hook elementary school and at a
5:45 pm
oakland church this week, many say schools and churches are the safest places forchildren. ktvu's care -- for children. ktvu's cara liu is live where they are holding a lock down which is meant to be fun and safe. >> reporter: we are three hours into the event, the music is going, kids are dancing, having a good time. a concert set to get underway in just over an hour. >> reporter: this is the church lock down. >> i have been in a jumper and it is so fun. >> we did the photo booth pictures. it is fun because it is free. >> it will be a long night but we are excited about that. >> reporter: 200 kids locked in the church for 24 hours. >> our chaperons are expecting to be up all night long with the goal the kids will go to sleep at some point but last
5:46 pm
year they didn't. >> reporter: she says her granddaughter has been waiting all week for this. >> it is awesome for the kids. and the more positive activities there are to get involved in the less trouble on the streets. >> we want the kids to look back and say, you know, i came, it put me on a path maybe i was not going to be on. and it changed my life. >> reporter: it is worth pointing out, the church has been a fixture in the community for 93 years. many adults came up through the church as kids. $40 a person and it is going 24 hours. live, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. more than 2,000 guns have been taken off the streets in one day. long lines formed in los
5:47 pm
angeles yesterday. we can tell you it brought in 2,037 weapons. people got a gift card for the weapons. it is usually held in may but was moved up because of the shooting at sandy hook elementary school. she refused to block the contraceptive requirement in president obama's healthcare law. she rejected a request for an injurisdiction to block the requirement. two companies pseudoclaiming it is against -- sued claiming it is against their belief. they could be fined more than a million dollars a day for ignoring the mandate. thousands of longshoreman are threatening a strike that could cripple every sea port from boston to houston. they will walk off on sunday if a deal can't be reached.
5:48 pm
the association represents more than 14,000 dock workers at 15 ports. a shut down could cost the economy billions of dollars. a mediator has been working with the two sides. a strike is looming with a few days left. a court set aside $200 million in restitution to wells fargo debt card users. the bank illegally manipulated how it processed mumps to max -- purchases to maximize over draft fees. the court sent the case back to the trial court saying the bank violated state law in the way it notified customers. traffic is being rekrauted to -- rerouted. the no awe -- u.s. national oceanic and atmospheric
5:49 pm
administration approved vessel lane changes. the whale migrate up the california coast. in 2010 20 whales died after colliding with a ship. zoo keepers build a fire every day during the winter for the 160 monkeys. they are not afraid of the flames and love to lay around the fire. zoo keepers use the fire to bake sweet potatoes that are a big hit with them. snowstorms pound the northeast with many under a winter storm warning. snowplows are working around the clock in maine. many flights are delayed or canceled. the national weather service is reporting some areas have received more than a foot of snow. here we have been dealing with so much rain and bill
5:50 pm
joins us now. you have been talking about clear beautiful day but cooler. >> a chance of showers but nothing like we saw. more than anything, nuisance showers. i think saturday i think it is not going to be that bad a day. the system is impressive. clouds going through the area right now. we talked about it, it is clear out there. beautiful night. it will be cool tonight as you get out there. look for temperatures tonight to fall back into the 30s. tomorrow morning, we are looking for valley fog. many locations. especially in the central valley. visibilities get way down there. midnight tonight, 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, that is when it is the worst. think that way. leave before or after that. after that the system moves in.
5:51 pm
tomorrow night. it comes down the coast. doesn't progress this way. progresses this way. skirts the coast line. light showers inland. livermore valley, you may not see anything. tomorrow the clouds increase after valley fog. few showers in there. not a big deal. friday night into saturday morning. the model, this is interesting. tomorrow morning, cloudy. valley fog. high clouds. watch here. here it comes. shooting this way. friday night. and then keeps going down. low stays off shore. i don't know if that is how it goes down. showers tomorrow night and saturday morning. saturday not bad. saturday afternoon, mostly sunny. psychiatrist up and clear. -- crisp and clear. 53 in santa rosa. 52 napa. 52 fairfield. low 50s in the south bay.
5:52 pm
55 santa55 santa cruz. five-day forecast. i will fix that friday and saturday. showers look too aggressive for what is going to happen. you get the picture. whatever it is, just dodging a few rain drops. >> thank you. it was a chaotic scene and a photographer was rolling. the failure that prompted this aquarium to burst.
5:53 pm
well, thousand nap nanny recliners.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
strange accident ended with 16 people hurt and several sharks dead. an aquarium burst in china on december 18. surveillance video camtured the moment. it -- captured the moment. shoppers, workers and security suffered cuts and bruises. three sharks and turtles and fish were killed. -drivers heads up with the new year, come new rules. including one that lets you text and drive. >> easy to see when somebody is texting. >> allowing drivers to text behind the wheel but they must use a hands free, voice activated system that is
5:56 pm
accessed by touching one button on their cell phone. party bus restrictions also take effect january 1. among other new rules, limo drivers must inform all underaged passengers that drinking alcohol is illegal. >> i have four children and if you have a bunch of people under aged drinking they should be accountable unless they sign something. >> another new law will make it easier to show police officers proof of insurance. they will be able to display that on their cell phone. officers will be briefed in the next few days. >> 2013 is almost here and new york is getting ready. preparations are under way for the famous ball drop at times square. they have doves chiseled into
5:57 pm
them for the theme let there be peace. the widow of dick clark helped them small a panel. a billion people across the world are expected to watch on new year's eve. new trick could help those who drink too much. there is a veggable that may help -- vegetable that may help. asparagus extract could protect you from the post party headache. the research was done on chronic headaches so it might not help. mother is wounded from gunfire as she shields her children. coming up, what she is saying. >> also copper thieves target a bay area high school and one is caught in the act. the destruction they left behind.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
a mother is wounded by gunfire as she childs her children. -- shields her children. why doctors say she is lucky to be alive and a high school targeted by copper thieves, how police captured him. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu
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